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A hassle-free way for customers to book your services online

The power of online booking for offline businesses. No more phone tag. 

booking tool booking tool

Focus on your work, not your schedule

Add booking with 1-click to your website, Google, Facebook, and popular apps, and maps.

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Instant online booking

Leverage the power of hosted platform to allow customers to book online.

phone-action-ring 1

SMS reminders

Reduce no-shows with automatic text confirmations and reminders for customers. 

calendar-refresh 1

Automatic rescheduling

Allow customers to automatically reschedule jobs with one-click. No more back-and-forth texting. 

Calendar Syncing

 made easy

No more double-booking. Set the parameters and customize your time slots and let customers automatically select times that work for you.

online scheduling tool online scheduling tool
booking reminders booking reminders
Automatic features

& reminders

Full scheduling, rescheduling, cancellations,
and booking reminders, all done automatically through text or email.

Calendar syncing

Your calendar, on autopilot

Connect your Google or Outlook calendar to automatically sync with GoSite Booking. Use the GoSite API to connect to other 3rd party calendars.

scheduling app scheduling app

Join 6,000 small businesses and counting

Connect your business to the digital economy